Supplier Development

Supplier development is a much-overlooked aspect of quality management. Without competent and capable suppliers any project will not be successful. Sadly all too many organisations put too much emphasis on price alone at the expense of the hidden costs. Poor supplier quality management results in additional costs for travel, for recall, for scrap, rework and sorting, not to mention non-economic damage such as reputation, special measures, and lost developement time.

In order to minimise these costs a robust supplier development strategy is required.
I offer the full range of consultancy services to support this:

  • Qualificaton and assessment of new suppliers
  • Planning and execution of supplier process audits to VDA6.3
  • Planning and monitoring of PPF from prototype phase to full series to VDA2
  • Measurement systems analysis to VDA5
  • Analysis of quality problems at suppliers and introduction and monitoring of improvement programmes
  • Assessment and evaluation of P-FMEAs
  • Management of advance quality planning teams